Monday, June 28, 2010

Hive inspection 06-27-10

Took a look at the hive yesterday. Nice hot sunny day, so tons of bees out and about. I added a super to the hive body 3 weeks ago, so I was keen to see what progress they made. Sure enough they've been busy drawing comb in the new super. There were 1 or 2 frames where the queen had already laid some brood. You can see from this pic that some of it is already capped.


I didn't remove the super to inspect the hive body this time, I'll probably do that in a future visit since I need to try to level the hive and I'd like to do all that at once.

I have noticed quite an increase in the number of bees around, so it seems like things are going well. I recently bought a top feeder, so I set that up and added a gallon of water to it before closing up the hive. Hopefully it helps 'em out.

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