Sunday, June 20, 2010

Inspection update

Did an inspection this weekend 2 weeks after adding the first super to my hive.

1) Bees are making progress drawing out comb in the upper super.

2) They have also been buildig burr comb, which I scraped away.

3) Also noting propolis for the first time, they've been sealing all the edges of the hive where the boxes meet.

4) Got my first sting. Ouch! Funny enough, it was at the very end of the inspection when I was reassembling the hive. In puttig on the super I crushed some bees which came out on the edge of the brood chamber. That appears to have really pi$$ed them off, and one promptly got me on the forearm. Good news - I'm still alive, so clearly not allergic.

5) Lots more bees than in early weeks, I noted many frames of brood. The queen has clearly been busy.

6) Watching the hive at mid-day the next day, a nice sunny hot day, it was remarkable to see the amount of activity outside. Looked like JFK airport on Thanksgiving weekend.

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